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I want to gauge my eyes out, or stick pencils in my ears everytime I read or hear Sandy say that the mets are buyers at the deadline. If we are buyers.....THEN BUY SOMETHING!!!! Every team seems to be in these rumors and trades BUT the Mets! If they are going to be sellers, then tell us....stop leading us on like we are...

A Good Start....or Simply The Best?

It's been a long time since I have posted a blog, but I thought it was worth attempting to use some simple statistical analysis to see how RA Dickey's amazing start to 2012 compares to Mets history. I apoliogize if this is a short entry, but it's more about the stats than my commentary on them.

If it seems like RA is doing something...

Opening Day!

Yeah, it's been awhile, but after the last few seasons I had decided that I needed to detox and purge my system of all that was wrong with the Mets. What can I say, this was the first off-season where I read the newspaper and dreaded any mention of my beloved Mets.

But that is over my friend. We are less than one week away from Opening...

Twitter Poll: Cheering for Ollie and Luis?

Earlier today I was listening to Evan Roberts on WFAN talk about how the Mets were forcing him to root against Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo in the hopes they would not make the Major League team out of Spring Training. Which led to me posing this question on Twitter:

Posted Image...

Why I Still Root For My Team, Even Though They Suck(ed)

Yep, here we are, the last few days of the regular 2010 MLB season. Once again, my beloved New York Mets have broken my heart and I will be among the many Mets fans (and fans of 22 other teams) who will be watching the postseason from home on the outside looking in. And of course, after years of heartbreak (these last four years being among the...
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