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((((Board Guidelines))))

[size=3]1. Family Friendly Site
We recognize that Mets fans are the greatest fans and that they come in all ages. Therefore, this site is to be “Family Friendly” meaning the following:

a) The language to be used will be of the “PG” Variety. Swearing is strongly discouraged and violators are subject to warning. This includes words that are “disguised”. Remember, there could be young folk here, so keep it clean!

b ) No posting or linking to any pictures that are deemed inappropriate by the Mod team, this mainly involves pictures portaying nudity and sex acts, but can be expanded at the discretion of the mods.

c) No drug discussions may occur that endorse the use of drugs that are illegal in the US. This is not a site to admit to crimes, and it is not a site where drug use is condoned. This however does not apply to legitimate discussion of drugs involving athletes.

d) File Sharing is illegal in the United States, therefore there is no linking to, or discussing of illegally traded media items, not limited to pirated software, movies, music, etc. Participants in this type of conversation are admitting to crimes and will default their Happy Recap membership by doing so.

e) Screen Names will be of the "PG" variety as well. Screen names that are deemed overboard by the mods will be requested to be changed.

2. Unacceptable Behavior

We believe Met fans have the capability of extended mature discussions and debate, therefore we will not tolerate the following:

a) Insulting members in any way, shape or form. This forum is to allow opinions to be disseminated, not for someone to be persecuted for their personal ideals. In other words, don’t make it “personal”. Flame Wars will not be tolerated, the threads removed, and participants warned.

b ) Do not attack character. This applies to your fellow posters as well as members of the Mets organization, past or present. You may certainly criticize Met management, players, ownership, etc, but do NOT bring personal character into it, unless there are elements that are in the media.

c) Be careful with Steroids and other drugs. In other words, many athletes are under the scope for their possible steroid, HGH and other drug use. However, for your own legal safety, do not make firm accusations without proof, it is far better to use words like “suspect” in those situations.

3. The Mod Team

We have a great mod team, ready to help you with issued relating to use of this board. We are not here to hinder and “control” the conversations, but to help them. Keep these in mind though:
a) The Mods word is final.
b ) Mods are humans and DO make mistakes
c) Do not air beefs with the Mods on the board, that’s what PM’s are for.
d) Harassment of the mods will not be tolerated.

4. Housekeeping

a) We reserve the right to move, delete and merge threads as needed
b ) PLEASE do not create duplicate threads, check and see if your topic is already out there, merging makes us cranky! Chronic violators will be warned.
c) Spam posts are NOT tolerated. If you are posting a link to any site where commerce is involved, it needs to be ones that are Met related, or relevant to the existing conversation. Exceptions will be made for long term posters interested in sharing sites they are NOT affiliated with, with mod approval ONLY.
d) Do NOT post full articles as that violates copyright laws. Please post links, and excerpts only. And ALWAYS give credit for your sources
e) Do NOT post any content from any “subscription sites” It puts this site in legal danger, and you WILL be banned for it.
f) If its found you’ve made up a rumor, you will be suspended, so always give a source.
g) Thread Hijacking isn’t fun for everyone, so keep the inside jokes and non-related posts in the “Kitchen Sink” section where that is expected. Outlandish posts in the non Kitchen Sink areas are subject to delete or puzzlement at the least
h)The big "P"-Politics. No subject seems to cause more arguments and polarization these days than this one. Many of us turn to sports, and specifically the Mets as a form of "escape". We would like this board to also be an escape. Please feel free to discuss world news events as warrented, but leave ALL political viewpoints at the door. The mods will delete these threads as needed. Your signature file will also not contain political messages or links. Please respect the desire of those who post here to not discuss these topics.